Sustainable golf

Weller Designs Ltd is leading the way by incorporating sustainable thinking into all its design, construction and management processes.

Two features which we successfully use in a number of golf courses are appropriate inert soil importation and the implementation of rainwater harvesting as part of an irrigation system.

Influencing environmental sustainability

When applied to a golf course development, sustainability involves the conservation and enhancement of landscape and ecosystems, the efficient use of resources and the integration into the community by the design, construction and operation of a successful facility that leaves a lasting, positive legacy for people and the environment.

With Weller Designs Ltd covering all facets of golf course development from concept to completion, we are well placed to greatly influence how sustainability is integrated into and managed throughout the life of a project’s development.

Raising the standard

Weller Designs is actively involved in the EIGCA’s Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development which was launched in April 2013 and based on the Golf Environment Organisation’s Sustainability Guidelines for Golf. The programme involves a series of webinars on landscape and ecosystems, water, energy, products and supply chains, environmental quality, people and communities.

We can also advise on the use of solar panels, heat exchange pumps and biomass energy generation.

The Drift Golf Club

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